Virtual Assistant Hacks: Mind Map Your Way to Success


I really love creating virtual assistant hacks. This makes my job a lot easier and faster. Admittedly, though, the aging process is slowly creeping in. I have memory lapses that make the eyes of my youngest child look up to the skies with an uttered prayer.

These memory lapses started to bite into my self-confidence and affected my work. Imagine finishing a 500-word article in four to five hours when that only took me an hour or so in the past?

Not that I lack ideas. I am so full of them, fleeting all over my head. The thing is, I can’t seem to pin them down. Sure, I list down whatever I can capture, but I guess my hands are not as fast as my brain.

So I did my research, from improving memory to alternative cures for Alzheimer’s. Lols, yes, Alzheimer’s – the dreaded disease of aging people.

Then I remembered Marvin’s presentation in 3 on 3. He had a mind map.

So I researched about mind mapping and found iMindmap. I downloaded the free trial. Love it for the benefits it has given me!

Virtual Assistant Hacks: Benefits from Using iMindmap

1. Effective ideation


As I mentioned earlier, I found it increasingly difficult to capture and pin down my ideas. They’re like bubbles – the moment I tried to catch them, they just disappeared. iMindmap helped me overcome that with its “Capture” feature.

I captured my thoughts in about 30 minutes! I guess the bright colors stimulated my brain and motivated me to just create ideas. And it’s true – studies have proven that colors positively affect brain function.

The first thing I did was to create a central idea. As you can see from the screenshot below, my central idea is “benefits of mind mapping”. Yes, this whole article was in fact created in iMindmap.

Virtual Assistant Hacks: Imindmap Your Way to Success
Capturing my thoughts


2. More organized thoughts


Even organizing my thoughts was a breeze. I just added ideas after ideas. Once I felt that I had enough, I then shifted to “brainstorming” mode. It’s like a huge corkboard where captured ideas were organized according to how I connected them in the Capture mode. It gave me a better grasp on my thoughts. I added ideas and deleted the ones I felt was not congruent with my topic.

Virtual Assistant Hacks: Imindmap Your Way to Success


Then I shifted to the “Mindmapping” mode.

Virtual Assistant Hacks: Mind Map Your Way to Success
Mind Map



I had fun changing the branch stems. I guess it’s part of the “motivation” process. I read somewhere that the brain functions better when it’s challenged with something new. I was like a child playing with my ideas.

Virtual Assistant Hacks: Mind Map Your Way to Success
Mind Map


And here’s how my mind map looks like. All done with organizing in about 15 minutes.

Virtual Assistant Hacks: Mind Map Your Way to Success
My Mind Map


3. Better time management


All in all, I finished my mind map in 35 minutes. I had the foundation for this article in that short span of time. And with the rate I am going, I guess I can finish this article in about an hour. Even if it takes me an hour and thirty minutes more, it will be a far cry from my previous four or five hours writing time.

4. Improved business relationships


Of course, less working time spells savings for my clients. One of them was greatly impressed with the fast TAT that he gave me additional tasks..with a promise of a rate increase and a long-term contract.

5. Better quality of life


iMindmap turned out to be one of my most valuable virtual assistant hacks. What used to bug me for several months finally has a solution. I can finish my tasks faster without compromising quality. So I get to enjoy more fun times with family and friends, both old and new.




Of course, there are other mind map tools out there, but for me, iMindmap is the best!

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