Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?


In years past, I thought that charging clients from $8 to $15 per hour was enough. After listening to John Pagulayan’s 7 Phases To a 7 Figure Freelance Business, I had second thoughts.

How can this Filipino freelancer command mind-boggling fees?

And considering that he can attend Marvin De Leon’s Mixer and chat with other freelancers like me in FB, you’ll wonder if this guy ever works at all.

If you’re one of my followers, you’ve probably seen John’s pictures in my social media accounts and also in this blog. He’s a visionary who wants to see fellow Filipino freelancers succeed and shares his time and knowledge for worthwhile events for FREE.

Now back to the webinar.

I listened as intently as possible to learn from his techniques and use it for the advancement of my career…and rates!

And here are my main takeaways.

Takeaways from 7 Phases To a 7 Figure Freelance Business

I’ve always regarded myself as a freelancer. I work at home or wherever I want.

It turns out I was wrong all along.

I work at home, yes, but that does not make me a freelancer. I’m simply an employee working from home.

Then John even upped my curiosity when he asked the following WHAT IFs:


Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
John R. Pagulayan


Instead of creating a profile and searching for employers, employers are the ones looking and asking for you?

Instead of applying, you’re the one doing the qualifying if you want to work with them or not?

Instead of being interviewed, you are the one doing the interview?

Instead of getting paid after you do the work, you get paid before you even do a single thing?


If I can turn these what ifs to realities, then it will be a sweet, sweet life for me and the fam!

So how do I go about it?

By following John’s 7 Phases To a 7 Figure Freelance Business!


The 7 Phases

Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
7 Phases to a 7 Figure Freelancing Business

Phase 1: Find out who I want to work with

In Upwork and similar work platforms, I do get a chance to find out who the clients are if and only if their details are shown in their job post. Otherwise, I don’t have any idea who they are and what their product or services are.

If I follow John’s technique, I ‘ll have to find the type of clients I want to work with. People who will treat me as an equal, not as an employee. So I’ll have to look for them through market research.

Google, my friend, help me out!

OR, I can hire a lead generation expert to help me find my type of clients.

So what happens once I find them? Of course, I can’t just connect with them and offer my services.


I have to offer something that my target clients need.

Do they need help with their content? What kind of writing best fits their business?


Phase 2: Learn or develop a skill that fits into my client’s model

Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
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I admit, finding the right client, the one who can pay me according to my value, might be difficult initially.

But if I force myself to learn a skill that my prospective client needs, then I’ll have something juicy to offer. Something that can contribute to the success of his business.

Most of the time, we sell our services to clients who do not need the services we offer. So whether the client has a budget for us or not, the bottom line is – no need, no hire.

Phase 3: Find my audience

Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
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Next step is to find my audience. These are the people who can turn into prospective clients or referrers. Where do I find them? I have multiple options:

  • Friend’s list
  • Social media groups, particularly those in FB and LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Blogs
  • Trade shows
  • Meetups and events (Reminds me not to miss Marvin’s Creatives and Entreps on March 9, lol)

Phase 4: Position my offer

Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
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Hopefully, after going through phases one to three, I’ll have gained enough traction to position my offer. I’ll have a clearly defined description of what I can offer. Instead of describing myself as an expert writer, I’ll say I’m a copywriter for small businesses.

This will eliminate my inexperience (since I might not have enough clients to vouch for me on that skill) and will nullify the competition.

Phase 5: Outreach

Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
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What do you do before you set yourself for work? Do you organize your time?

John recommends connecting with prospective clients. Add ten people in my friend list every day. Join groups who most likely uses my expertise. Yes, joining writing groups is good, but joining business groups made up of people who will need my type of services is even better.

Phase 6: Be an authority

Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
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Curate content from experts in the industry. Learn from them, rephrase (not copy) what they say and master them. Then outreach to my social media connections to help spread my posts. In time, I’ll be an authority in my chosen niche.

Phase 7: Sell my services

Is a 7 Figure Freelance Business Possible?
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Finally, this phase talks about the selling process:

  1. Small talk
  2. Setting the agenda
  3. Understand their business
  4. Present the opportunity
  5. Close the call


These seven phases may be challenging, but if they can lead me to a seven figure income (in dollars), why not? I know I’ll have to put extra time, effort and money to achieve that end, but who knows?

How about you? What are your thoughts on this topic? Please write them in the comments box below and let’s discuss!

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