Virtual Friends: Get Up, Get Out and Mingle


It’s the same old story.

As soon as you get up, you reach for your smartphone to check your emails and social media accounts.

Then you gingerly walk into your kitchen, grab some food to eat and bring your laptop or desktop to life. As you wait, you go to the bathroom.

Then head on to work wearing your favorite housedress or shirt or whatever’s comfortable for you. While working, you peek into your Facebook page to get your daily updates. Who said what? What made this video viral?

Then once in a while, you chat with your FB friends, most of whom you’ve only met virtually. As you do, you try to imagine what they really look like in person, what made them leave their day jobs to venture into freelancing, and so on.

I know. I used to be like that.

And it was downright b-o-r-i-n-g!

Reach Out to Your Virtual Friends

Why keep yourself wondering what your virtual friends look like when you can get out and meet them? I know, I know, taking some time off work can affect your earnings.

But did you know that your virtual friends can turn into your best, most reliable friends? The ones who laugh with you over a corny joke? The ones who cry with you when everything goes wrong? The ones who won’t leave you come what may? And the ones who support you, who wouldn’t hesitate to take some time off from their work just to help you follow your passion?


There are things that money cannot buy.

Like friends who celebrate your birthday with you…



Or assign themselves as your PAs when you have an interview….



Or invite you to meet new friends?



I do not typically write about this. I am not a mushy person. In fact, hindi ako malambing (I’m not a sweet person). The hubby complains about that too, lol!

Honestly, I am still in awe with the way things are turning out.

This blog is doing well, thanks to readers like you.

My Facebook page, The Youthful Granny, now has more than a thousand organic likes. My Writers’ Forum and Blog Sharing Group has an increasing number of members.

Learn from your virtual friends turned real-life friends


The 3 on 3 Event was successful because it had the perfect formula:

An honest desire to help + amazing friends who spent their time, effort and expertise for FREE.

Meet the Team:

Meet the Team: From R-L: Sirikit Hiyasmin Loong Eleberan, Content Director; Althea Maefe Sagayno, Sales Director); Francis Edward Guintu (Creative Director) and TYG.
The Writers’ Forum Team: From R-L: Sirikit Hiyasmin Loong Eleberan, Content Director; Althea Maefe Sagayno, Sales Director); Francis Edward Guintu (Creative Director) and TYG.


These are the friends who believe in me and motivate me to do better. They handle the techie and artistic stuff – stuff that my fifty-something brain cannot grasp at times. (Oh, I do, but they’ll have to explain it over and over so they just take over, lol!)

And you can do this too. You can have virtual friends turned real-life friends too.

All you have to do is get up from your workplace, get out of your door and reach out to fellow freelancers!

And the more you do, the more you’ll find yourself having more friends and mentors.

Marvin De Leon of Freelance Blend

John Pagulayan, the 7 Figure Freelancer

Carl Dexter, the Pen slinger

Ginger Arboleda of Mommy Ginger

Catherine Quiambao of Freelancing Philippines

Glenn Mark Dizon of On Page SEO Services 

and a host of others. All of them have contributed to what The Youthful Granny is now.

A better friend, a better freelancer and a better learner, always eager to reach out to fellow freelancers.


How about you? Do you have virtual friends turned real-life friends?

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  3. Join the Writers’ Forum and Blog Sharing Group and share your story. We’ll create a dedicated thread for this. Don’t forget to tag your virtual friend turned real-life ally, okay?







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